Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Honesty: Part 5

Beyond Logic

Why would God love us? Logically I can’t fathom it.

Why would that same loving God choose to live among us? Logically it doesn’t make sense.

Why would that same God who lived among us chose to die on a cross? Logically I can’t figure it out.

Why would that same God who died on a cross, rise again, and forgive me for all that I have done? Logically I can’t come up with an answer.

Why would the same God who forgives all my sin, raise me up to be one of His daughters? Logically I don’t know.

Why would this same God want to spend the rest of eternity with me? Logically, you guessed it, I have no idea.

It’s only when we strip away logic and look at His heart that we find the true answers. These answers go beyond with the mind is able to grasp, but what the heart cries out to accept. They have made men puzzled for centuries and caused seasoned Bible scholars to be dumbfounded.

The truth – that defies all logic – is this: God loved us so much that He freely gave His most treasured possession so that we could know His love for us. And by accepting that love, we may have life in Him and have it to the full.

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