Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simple Honesty: Part 2

At the risk of being real.

When we the last time that you were perfectly honest with everyone? Think about it. The last time that someone asked you, how are you, did you smile your best and answer, fine. Were you really? Or were you just saying that because it’s what we are supposed to say?

This is the generation where pretending is rewarded by praise and applause. Not only on stage and movies, but in everyday life. We shun those who don’t have it all together. We think that being real isn’t cool and look up to those who appear to have it all.

Sadly though, those who seem to have it all together are the ones who lie the most. Life is messy. With my sinful nature, the a broken world, and girl trying to live in God’s love, life is bound to be full or challenges and joys. There are days when I feel less than holy. On other days I feel like I can conquer the world. Life is not a clean and tidy affair. It’s more like a journey that you are learning the way as you go. And sometimes as we learn things get a little messy.

Now I can chose to lie about this messiness and pretend I have it all together, or I can accept the fact and live as I am. But this brings joys and dangers all its own. Yes I said danger. Being real isn’t in vogue. People can more easily handle lies than honesty. Telling someone the truth will either open you up to sharp criticism or harsh advice. But sometimes being truthful can lead to stronger friendships and a fuller relationship with God.

So next time you get the urge to put on a mask, whether for God or others, take a moment a really think if that’s what you want to do. God doesn’t want robots, He wants children. Sometimes kids are human and make mistakes. Embrace the life that you’ve been given. Don’t try to act like things are okay when they’re not. Be real with God and others and watch the transformation that takes place.

I’m still working on this one. I try to be honest, but sometimes I catch myself putting on a mask to impress others. That’s when I have to pray hard and jerk the mask off. It’s never easy and I’ve lost some friends over it. But it’s always worth it. I don’t have to hide behind lies or masks, I can just be me. And believe me the real me that is emerging, is so happy to be set free.

So let’s stop pretending and enjoy who we really are. Be simply honest in all that you  do.     

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