Monday, June 15, 2015

Looking to Him: it's that Simple

Lately God have been talking and trying to working out some questions I have. With some personal struggles and some questions about God in the midst of disaster. 

What do you do when sickness strikes you or a loved one? 

How do you still cling to a loving God when there is so much devastation around you? 

When your heart is aching, where is God? 

When you pray for a healing and it doesn't happen, what happened? 

As I have grappled with these questions, one answer keeps coming back. "I never said you would be spared trouble, I said that I would be with you in the midst of it." If I push Him away I push away the only hope and help I have. He strengthens my soul and refreshes my spirit. If I stop believing in His plan, I stop believing in the most real and true plan in universe. 

So even in the midst of my questions and heartache, I chose to trust God. 

 I chose to look to Him and say You are my God and You have control even now. I will chose to look to You and keep holding onto You. Even as I know You are holding onto me. No matter what happens I know from the past You has never failed me and You won't fail me now. 

So lead me through this time in You strength. Let me find you everywhere I look. Let me be Your hands voice to the hurting. Let my heart become more devoted to you in the midst of this. May I encourage others to follow You in the midst of their own questions. Amen. 

I pray that wherever you are in your own journey that you would look to God and trust Him. It's never easy. But it's always worth it. Keep looking to Him with stubborn tenacity. Knowing that He is holding onto you even tighter.