Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple Nail Polish

For Christmas my sister Sarah and friend Debra bought me nail polish. I was thrilled to try out some new colors

Source - Mom

One day I painted my nails. It was so pretty and bright. It made me feel loved. Over the next few days the polish chipped and began to fall of. Now I have half-painted nails. 

But it made me remember something that I heard one time. I can't remember if it was my Dad or someone else. They said that perfectly manicured fingernails meant that that woman didn't do anything worthwhile with her life. Doing worthwhile things are hard work. 

So I must do some worthwhile things because my polish looks like it's been through a battle. But now I smile when I look at it. I must be doing something worthwhile.  

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  1. Well said {and simply put ;)}! Short and sweet :) i really enjoyed it :)