Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simply Living It

Simple faith. Is there such a thing? Jesus said that even the smallest seed of faith has the ability to move mountains. When we start putting our faith into action, we cross over from being hearers to doers.

In being a part of the Live It challenge, I'm supposed to find ways to live out my faith everyday. To my family, to my friends, to the world I am to be His love and life.

You know the great thing about this is? My Father has shown me His love. All I have to do is follow in His footsteps. He has lived out His love.

But I'm not  perfect. I still struggle sometimes. Lately I haven't written much because I have been struggling. The last part of 2012 was hard for me. I was struggling with discontentment, depression, what God wanted me to do with the next part of my life, and feeling restless. For months it kept building. Boiling under the surface. Then in December I hit a wall. I was tired of living with the wild emotions. It wasn't a miracle, but on Christmas day, God set me free from the depression and pain that had been hovering over me for months. My problems didn't suddenly disappear, but my heart was healed. My workload still remained, but I now felt able to do what I was called to do.

As I have stepped into this new year, I want it to be more about living out my faith than talking about it. I can write 100 blog posts about how to live simply in Christ. But if I don't show love to my family and friends, I'm just making noise online. My heartfelt prayer is that this blog will be a reflection of God's love in my life.

As far as my simpleness journey, things are going well. I'm  enjoying time with my family and trying to enjoy the simple blessings God gives me every day. Relishing the simple pleasures of life is always a treat. And I'm  enjoying every minute of it.

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