Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simple Fragments

Some of them hurt as I pick them up. The memories piercing deep into my heart. Others feel beautiful and smooth like polished glass.

As I pick up these fragments of my life I wonder at their meaning. A friend who turned on me. A group of homeschoolers that never accepted me. People who would call me names in front of my back. A drought of more than just rain to dry earth. People who didn't come through. These fragments have cut deep, slicing away opportunities, killing dreams, and causing more pain than I can tell.

Through the tears I see other fragments. Shards of beauty. Singing in the spring sunshine. Dancing in Daddy's arms. The warm hugs of my family. A performance done well. The loving touch of a friend. A teachers laughter. A song that lifted up eyes heaven-ward. I could go on like his forever, maybe one day I will.

As I cling to this fragile shard called now, I think about these fragments of my life. All of the seemingly unrelated and broken things that make up my life. What is God doing? All I see are fragmented pieces of a seemingly meaningless story.

But as I look closer I see love. Like tiny steel rods that can't be broken crisscrossing through the fragments of cut glass. God's love crisscrosses through all of these fragments binding them together in some mystical and wonderful way.

I stand back and look at these fragments framed by love. Light spills through illuminating the truth. All these shards come together to create a picture of His love and grace. And I am on my knees praising God for the fragments that show His love.


  1. Beautiful post, Rose! Sometimes it's difficult to gain perspective on those fragments, but everything is beautiful in its time.

    Thanks for the encouragement,

  2. thank you. It was good to hear from you.