Monday, December 17, 2012

Simple New Horizons

As I look toward the new year, I am getting excited. God is leading me some places I have never been before.

I'm getting to learn ASL. And interact with deaf people.

My writing continues to get better and I have hopes of publishing some of my work over the coming year.

Ministry (both at home and for others) continues and I hope to do more with it as part of the MOHL Live It! Challenge.

From books, to writing, to volunteering, to ASL, to family, everywhere I look I'm getting excited. I look forward to the new year.

But for now, I'm also looking forward to the rest of this Christmas season. Giving presents, enjoying time with family, lights, sweets, and remembering the love of God.

So many things to think about so much to do. And I'm enjoying it all.

Merry Almost Christmas

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