Saturday, July 7, 2012

Simply More

I’ve had people tell me …

“Rose, you should be on Broadway.”

“Rose, you should be a recording artist.”

“Rose, you should be a movie actress.”

You get the picture. People think that I’ve got some talent and they want me to use it.
I know they mean well, but to be honest I have never been interested in working for Hollywood or Broadway. From what I can see the people who go to those places, end up getting sucked into the fake lifestyle and sin. I never wanted to do that. I enjoy acting and playwriting, but not to the point that I would be willing to do anything to have them.

I have always wanted to something more with my life than just be on a movie screen or on a stage. I have wanted from my earliest memories to love my Savoir above all else. I wanted to get to know Him and to follow Him. I wanted to love His people the way He does.

The great thing is that God has given me many opportunities to use my talents in acting and scriptwriting to bless His people. These have been great times. And I thank God for every one of them.

But I know I’ll never be a big name star, because I’m not willing to sacrifice everything else in my life. But you know what? I’m so happy where I am that wouldn’t want to do anything else. God is continually giving me blessings of good friends and opportunities to love.

And I may not be famous down here, but I pray and hope that I am up there.   

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