Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple Business

Yet Again, I sit down to write about being simple and I find myself in the middle of busyness. You would probably laugh if you saw my pile of sticky notes (all reminders of things to do), my to-do lists, and my calendar. While most of my deadlines are self-made, I still feel like I am running around in circles.

But to be truthful, many times the reasons behind me running in circles are because I don't slow down enough. I like activity and many times I keep going when I should stop.

Photo by Mikayla H.

When I take the time to slow down and quiet my soul, I realize what's really important. My relationship with God, Family, and Friends. 

Have you gotten so caught up in work and deadlines that you don't have time for what's most important? Why not take some time, slow down, remember what's truly important. Then go make time for the important. 

Today I tried to listen for God's voice more, I helped my family, and I even got some things off my to do list. When I do the important, I feel energized to get things done. 

God bless, Rose