Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Simple Winning and Losing

Why do we always have to win? Why do we always need to prove that we are right? Why do we always have to get our way?

The answer is simple. If we win, we think it validates our side. This has led to some of the harshest wars and conflicts of all time.

But what I want to know is, why do Christians think they have to win every political and social battle? Hasn’t God already won the war for us? Hasn’t He already conquered? Why then do we feel the need to win where Christ has already conquered?

 Sometimes it is even better to lose in order to love someone completely. And sometimes losing is the best  option.

But I am one to talk, I don’t like losing either. However I do think that sometimes it’s the only way to live in love. God alone has to lead us to the right answer for any given situation. 

Don’t be afraid to lose. Those who know how to lose for love win every time. 

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