Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simple thought: Was I Upside-down?

Have you ever read a book that made you rethink doctrines you had accepted as fact? You start thinking, “Was my thinking upside down? Have a really been so wrong?”

For me that book has been the Misunderstood God. It’s made me rethink things that I have thought about God and being His Child. It’s made me realize that there is so much that I believed about God that was wrong. Like God gets mad when I listen to secular music (I only listen to uplifting stuff). Like I’m a bad person if I don’t spend some time in prayer and Bible study every day.

One of the things this book helped me to realize is that God loves me. He loves me to the core of my being. He never gets mad at me, He never labels me as a bad person, He doesn’t count my minutes spent in Bible time. He just loves me. We are inseparable. He’s showing me how to live inside the love that already surrounds me. He cares for me too much to withhold His love from me just because I didn’t do a checklist.
What He is showing me is that many times it is more spiritual to listen to “fun music” or watch a “fun movie” (AKA something that doesn’t mention God) Than to try to go through the motions of praising God and not truly be engaging my heart.

For me this thought has been changing my thinking and attitude. Instead of feeling guilty anytime I watch or listen to something that isn’t overtly Christian, I can find God in whatever it is I’m involved in. God uses everything in this world to express his love to us. Every example of true love ultimately can be traced back to God. So whether they wear the Christian label or not, I try to find God in the midst of it.

Relaxing into this kind of love isn’t easy, but I’m finding it so freeing. He’s starting to help me turn my thinking right-side up.        

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