Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simple and Crazy?

Crazy! That’s how I would describe my schedule. Busy and crazy. Getting with friends, making time for family, reading that book, finishing that craft project, clean that room, work this cleaning job, and writing for four blogs.

Simple. That’s how I would describe where I am trying to go. So if my schedule is crazy, how do I approach it with simplicity?

First, I try to only plan what I can accomplish. This one I am still working on. I’m bad about overbooking myself and then having to backtrack. But I’m trying to shrink my goals to fit what I can do. That helps.

Second, I try to focus on the task at hand and enjoy the present. That takes a lot of stress out.

Third, hang on for the crazy pace of my life. To be honest, I enjoy having things to do and activities to keep me busy. So it doesn’t help to complain about the busy pace of life. Just take it in and enjoy what I get to do.

Forth, I plan down time in the midst of the busy. Even if it’s just to play a computer game, take a jog, play on the wii, or read a fun book. Planning some R & R helps get me motivated to go out and work again.
So there you have it. Some simple tips for how to make your crazy schedule a little simpler.  

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