Monday, May 7, 2012

Simple Sin and Simple Praise

The other day I was struggling with my sin. I felt horrible that I had had this sin festering in my heart. I prayed for God’s forgiveness. Then from deep down in my soul I heard a prayer rising. Before I knew what was happening I was praying out loud to God. “Thank you God that I can’t boast. Thank you that Your love is real even in the midst of my sin. Thank you that I can’t be proud of myself.” As soon as these words left my mouth, I was confused. God was helping me to praise Him for my pain and sin. It sounds so weird and yet it’s true. 

I thank God to this day that sin reminds me that I am nothing without Him. As painful as fire is, I am thankful that it presses me closer to God. I don’t seek trouble or hardship. But I do see how God can use for good and I am grateful for it.

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