Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simple Repentance

Repent. It’s a word I hear quite often. Every time I do, I think about all the times that I have “repented” of sins, only to keep on doing the same sins. Ouch! I hated when I did that. 

Repentance means that you completely turn around and go in opposite direction. Most of the time I just feel sorry for what I have done, but it doesn’t change anything in my heart. I have found that true repentance happens when God loves me out of sinful habit or when He untangles me from a sin through suffering. When I feel safe in God’s arms, sin has no appeal. When true suffering comes, all my sins and bad attitudes are shown for what they are and I beg God to help me to change them. Slowly He helps me to get free. 
So the next time that someone tells you that you need to repent, ask God to help you to truly repent and change for real. 

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