Monday, April 16, 2012

The Simple Dance

Dancing. Oh, the joy it brings. To feel the freedom, the excitement, and the beauty it brings. I love dancing. Whether hip-hop, waltz, pop, contra, square, or freestyle I love it all. When I dance I feel alive.
You know the times when I feel the best? When I’m dancing with my Abba. Sometimes we dance slowly, sometimes we dance fast. Sometimes we are in-between. But when we dance, the world and its problems fade away. Concerns and cares fall of my shoulders. All I care about is my Daddy, looking into His eyes, and feeling His touch. We don’t even need to talk; all we need to do is to be together.

Dancing requires slowing down. Dancing means you stop and focus on your partner. Dancing makes you forget about everything except Him.
I know this may sound too dreamy to be real, but trust me. I have danced with God many times. It’s the one of the most beautiful things we do together.
Take some time. Dance with Abba. Let Him love you. Open your heart and just let Him be there. He longs to sweep        you off your feet. 


  1. That's beautiful, Rose :)

    My coordination is zero, and I have the grace of a drunken elephant. So yeah... I only dance with the door locked ^_^

  2. :) ENA! You are so fun. But I think God loves dancing with you anyway. :)