Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If I May Simply Interrupt?

Hello there blog friends.

Can I interrupt for a moment from the things I am thankful for?

I hope that you all have been doing well.

As for me, things have been a usual wonderful mix of good and tough. I've been sick for almost a week and my family has been struggling with the flu. While this hasn't been great, we've all been working together to take care of each other. It reminds me again that I have a great family.

I have been thinking a lot about my spiritual walk lately. I feel more like a child of God who is stumbling her way through life, then a confident saint following her Lord. I make so many mistakes and fall down so many times.

Yet for every mistake, His Grace and Love for me are so strong. He refuses to call me anything less than beloved and friend. Oh, Father help me to know this love more and more and to share it with others.

God is so good to me. Even on days (like the past few) where my brain function has been fuzzy and I have been sick, He has shown me Grace and given me strength.

If you are stumbling or afraid, remember the Love of your Father. No matter what (fill in whatever your what is) His love and care for you are unending. Let your father remind you of His love once again.

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